All About Temple Run for PC

Do you know how Temple Run was created? If you think some large company made it, you are wrong.

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Ok Tested!

You want to get started with Temple Run game, right? But is it a game you would love to play? We doa thorough analysis of the game and present you the good, bad and ugly of Temple run.

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For PC

Did you know you can get Temple Run running on your PC too? You do not need to buy a mobile phone or tablet to play Temple Run game as it can now be played from a Windows or Mac PC.

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We now have a page dedicated to everything important about Temple run. I am sure you will love it because we loved creating it. We have some cheats including free run as well so check it out.

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What our clients say

  • I love it when Mike asked me to go through Temple Run Walkthroughs as I was stuck at a level. The walkthroughs were really helpful as I was able to figure it out and clear my level. I am just glad I saw the content first, even before it was published. Thank you Mike.
    Jonathan Layer, USA
  • I do not trust many sites as they have fake people writing about my favorite Temple Run game. But at this site I knew that whoever wrote that material knew what they were doing and clearly they were fans of Temple Run themselves. I am a fan, keep the good work up guys.